St. Francis Prep is on the Internet!

A local high school is giving sports fans and news junkies a chance to tune in – on the Internet.
St. Francis Preparatory High School in Fresh Meadows is busy readying the launch of SFP TV, a streaming television station available on the web through the school’s web site. The web-based TV station will be sponsored by The Queens Courier and piloted by St. Francis Prep sophomore Neil A. Carousso.
Carousso, currently the school’s media liaison, will act as the broadcaster and executive producer for the station. The sophomore has been taking the initiative since the seventh grade, when he started a newspaper at Sacred Heart in Bayside – he’s now continuing that trend with his high school media aspirations.
“I like to be involved in all aspects of everything I do,” said Carousso. “Commentating is great, but when you know the work that goes in and the preparation it takes to go on the air – it can only help the on-the-air product.”
Carousso’s “on-the-air product” will begin with home basketball games live and eventually move into other news territories. The school plans to broadcast educational programs, mass and charitable events to complement the sporting events and their news broadcast – which airs Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The current news program began as a no-frills version of what Carousso wants his school’s broadcast to become. This year, the school installed soundboards, sound-proofing and new monitors. Also, instead of live broadcasts, the shows will be taped – providing a cleaner, edited product.
“The station started out bland because we didn’t have much to work with,” he said. “By the end of this year, we’ll post highlights and also go beyond sports with a much broader range of programs.”
It is this motivation to constantly improve that won Carousso the honor of being named “Rookie of the Year” at The Queens Courier’s Rising Stars Awards and Networking Event in February. Even with all of the work and accolades, Carousso, who is pulling an average in the 90s at Prep, never feels overwhelmed.
The Courier decided to recognize Carousso for his work after he contacted the paper about working together on marketing opportunities.
“I was surprised to be recognized, but what’s most important is that the school is getting recognized,” he said. “It is a great school and everyone should want to be at Prep. There is always something to do here.”
To find out more about St. Francis Prep and SFP TV, log onto www.sfponline.org.
Tickets for the Rising Stars event can be purchased online at qns.com/events.

SFP TV Sports Coverage – Basketball Broadcast Schedule

January 2011

21 – 4 p.m. Lady Terriers JV and Varsity vs. Molloy

23 – 1 p.m. St. Francis Prep Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Kellenberg followed by
Lady Terriers JV and Varsity vs. Mary Louis

25 – 4 p.m. Lady Terriers JV and Varsity vs. Christ the King

28 – 4:30 p.m. Lady Terriers JV and Varsity vs. Bishop Kearney

February 2011

1 – 5:30 p.m. St. Francis Prep JV Men’s Basketball vs. St. Raymond’s

2 – 4:30 p.m. Lady Terriers Varsity vs. Nazareth

4 – 4 p.m. St. Francis Prep Freshman, JV, & Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Holy Cross

8 – 4 p.m. St. Francis Prep Freshman, JV, & Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Christ the King

11 – 4 p.m. St. Francis Prep Freshman, JV, & Varsity Men’s Basketball vs. Molloy

18 – 5 p.m. Lady Terriers JV and Varsity vs. Villa

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