Steven Goodman

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Steven Goodman has been involved with the Samuel Field Y for 44 years. The agency provides a wide-range of services to the entire Queens community such as: an after-school day care center, mental health services and job training services. Goodman started working in the center’s after-school program. He was hired as assistant executive director in 1990 and became the CEO in 1994. Since taking over, the Samuel Field Y has grown from a $3 million agency to an approximate $23 million one today. They have 1,000 employees borough wide and serve over 40,000 people a year in Queens. “Strong communities are created by strong community centers and resources,” said Goodman.

PERSONAL: Goodman is married to his wife, Sheri. They have been together for 41 years and they have a 37-year-old son, Seth and a daughter, Rebecca, who is three years younger.

JOB: Goodman is an adjunct professor in the Department of Counseling and Human Development at the C.W. Post Graduate School. His job is a reflection of his community work because he trains individuals committed to helping people and communities.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Especially in a troubling fiscal atmosphere, the biggest challenge for Goodman is maintaining government funding to keep serving individuals who depend on the services the Y provides such as mental health needs, day care needs and aging needs. The 2011-12 budget may result in “some heavy cuts,” according to Goodman.

FAVORITE MEMORY: “Favorite memories are created almost daily,” said Goodman. One that stands out in his mind occurred in 1994 when he was presented with an opportunity that he had never expected. “The board of directors asked if I could be executive vice president for the agency,” Goodman said. “I was thrilled with the opportunity and I committed myself to the task of serving the entire borough.”

INSPIRATION: Goodman credits the agency as his inspiration. “The Y made me feel comfortable during hard times. Growing up, I could have been categorized as an ‘at-risk’ youth. The people at the agency encouraged me to go to college,” he said.
– Will Sammon

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