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QCard to ease campus purchases



Queens College recently celebrated the opening of its new QCard office with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, giving students more convenient and energy-efficient ways to purchase items in and around campus.

The new card program will allow students to receive meal plan options and printing allowances while keeping track of all the activities and services funded by fiscal allocations provided by the college.

James Muyskens, president of Queens College, felt that the ceremony embodied a new era for the institution.

“It’s a really positive thing for students on the campus,” he said. “It’s going to really bring us up to the level where our students are getting what they need. We’re going to give them the kind of service they’re going to expect because they’ve grown up with this all around them.”

With the new program, the college will join 500 other schools in the country that are affiliated with the North American Campus Card Users (NACCU).

The program will also give students an 18 percent discount when purchasing food.

“We’ve been trying very hard to economize at this campus and this is an example of that,” Muyskens added.

Jeff Barnes, Deputy Chief Information Officer of Queens College and one of the main orchestrators of the initiative, felt that the QCard program will help campus life progress.

“One of the things that we realized is that the campus is so large and offers so many services and there are things that we can do so much more efficiently,” Barnes said.

“Eventually, our card is going to be available to vendors outside of campus to give our students discounts because they know it’s a benefit to the community, and they know that this school is graduating students who are going to go out and make our community better,” he said.

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