8-year-old purchases loaded gun at school

A loaded handgun was sold to an 8-year-old boy by a classmate inside a Queens elementary school on Thursday, April 28.
The 9-mm gun was purchased for $3 at P.S. 107 in Flushing.
“It’s really a sad situation when you have an 8-year-old who brought a gun into school and then sold it for $3,” said Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott. “That’s something that can’t be tolerated.”
The third grader then took the loaded pistol home to show his mother who went to the school where the cops were then called, according to media reports.
“I don’t even know how he put it in his bookbag,” a parent at the elementary school said. “As a parent, I check what’s in my son’s and daughter’s bookbag every night.”
The boy’s father, Ignacio Galvin, was arrested and is still awaiting arraignment.

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