Cost of living rising under Bloomberg’s reign

I am 95 years old, have lived through two world wars and economic catastrophes, outlived most of my children and am a widow on a fixed income.

I ask why it is necessary for a billionaire like Mayor Michael Bloomberg to raise every cost in the city. Since Bloomberg took office, my house tax has doubled, my water bill has doubled, my sales tax has gone up and my transportation costs have gone up. I understand tickets have doubled and the police do not take reports anymore of vandalism or break-ins.

Bloomberg does not really know anything about real suffering — otherwise, he would not be so arrogant. I have less to survive on while he has more money than ever. The city does not really do anything better than before, and the response to the Christmas blizzard shows the city does less. There is no more bang for the buck — just a fizzle.

I believe we ought to know as much as possible about a public figure. A public figure makes decisions which affect us all.

I am not pleased with our mayor for the reasons listed. I think he is out of touch.

E. Simanovich

Richmond Hill

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