Dr. Meyers will help you with legal and personal problems

Since the 1980s, Dr. Robert Meyers has been helping Queens residents overcome personal difficulties and beyond.

“Many people still believe that to see a psychologist you must be ‘crazy.’ That perception is actually far from reality,” said Meyers, who has been operating his Bayside office as a law practice since 1999. “While I do see some people who require extensive treatment, most of the people who I work with are simply looking for help with a problem they can’t resolve on their own and welcome the outside guidance that a trained and experienced professional can provide.”

An expert in various areas such as depression, relationship problems, sleeping difficulties, eating disorders, and anxiety, Meyers said what sets him apart from other psychologists is his genuine care and concern for his patients.

“I take the time to work with each patient in uncovering those areas interfering with their ability to enjoy a happy and successful life,” he said. “Together, we work as partners to achieve the desired result. I believe this is why I have enjoyed such a high success rate of treatment outcomes with my patients.”

Meyers is also a divorce mediator, where he uses his expertise as both an attorney and psychologist to help patients control anger and destructive behaviors, as well as help reduce stress that usually accompany court proceedings. He also offers a 10 to 12-week sleep disorder program for those who suffer from insomnia.

His work even extends to the younger generation. His office began serving children with issues at home and school in 2004 and in 2010 his office became a full-service psychology practice. Meyers runs a five and a half week summer program for children ages six through 12 that helps them focus on academic skills while having fun. This year’s theme is “2011 Summer Writing Adventures” and will immerse children in the world of note taking, researching topics, conducting interviews and organizing thoughts. Meyers said staff will help “guide each child in expanding upon fundamentals in writing.”

Additionally, as a St. John’s University psychology professor, he provides training to professionals in various fields such as psychology and law. He instructs them on alternatives to providing better care for patients, clients, and students. Meyers travels throughout America teaching “continual professional education and training courses” and will also be present at the upcoming Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies convention in Toronto.

For more information, visit drrobertmeyers.com or call 718-225-5505.

– Alexa Mae Asperin


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