While his girlfriend was at work, Anthony Parra of Jackson Heights took her baby girl into the shower, dousing her with hot water.

The scalding incident on May 19, 2010 resulted in the 11-month-old being burned on over 30 percent of her body with permanent scarring according to Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown.

Parra, 21, was charged with assault, found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison that he will begin to serve on April 4.

During an exclusive interview, the biological father of the scalded baby spoke out about his trials and tribulations as a single father and the horrendous incident.

“I am the biological father of Raylyn Castillo,” said Raymundo Castillo, Jr., 30. “I have always been there, since day one.”

Castillo said he was out of the state when he first heard of his daughter’s injuries.

“My children have been in my custody as of June of last year,” said Castillo. “In May when the incident occurred, I was at a funeral in Florida, so I didn’t even know what happened until they told me that something tragic had happened.”

Castillo did not speak much about his daughter’s mother but lamented, “It was a lack of judgment; you don’t meet someone for a month and a half and just give them your two little girls to care for.”

According to Castillo, the children were in the care of his sister-in-law throughout the week, the mother picked up the children without Castillo’s consent and brought them back with her to live in Queens. Castillo further added that on the night of the incident the mother allegedly was at work, Parra drove the baby to the hospital, dropped her off at the emergency room and went back home to play video games, where he was arrested.

“This goes to show the mental caliber of this monster,” said Castillo. “Ten years in maximum prison is never going to be enough.”

Castillo will have the opportunity to see Parra on judgment day, but noted, “He just looks like he has no remorse and the defense attorney is too busy staring at me to see if I get upset – I just want justice to be served.”

Castillo was emotional when he recalled how his reputation was being dragged around in court by the defense attorney during Parra’s indictment.

“I did everything possible, I made an agreement with her that I would take the children and she can have them back when she was stable,” said Castillo. “But I was at a funeral, the mother – she was allegedly at work.”

A carpet cleaner and elevator repairman, Castillo indicated he has been a hard worker, providing for his family.

“I think I am a very good father and I have fought with ACS, I fought with everybody, with the court system,” noted Castillo. “If I was such a bad biological father like the defense attorney said than he is a very bad defense attorney because he should have kept his eyes on his client, he is trying to deflect the attention off himself.”

Since the incident, Raylyn has been in critical condition, but slowly recovering.

“I have had custody of the kids for the past nine months with no problems, no injuries, I slept in the hospital for a month throughout that time,” said Castillo. “She was on methadone, morphine; she blew up like a pumpkin, I could not recognize her face.”

“Now she has skin pigmentation from her chest to her stomach and thighs and a rape kit was done, which luckily came out negative,” Castillo added. “Raylyn is speaking already, which is a good sign, but she still wears a body suit. I’m just afraid of her future – will people make fun of her because of her skin pigmentation or scars on her forehead.”

“I am very happy with the prosecution, Marjory Fisher is by far the best,” said Castillo. “I can relate to what a single mother feels like, I think more men should step up and do what they have to do.”

“My mom and her husband has helped me tremendously, I wouldn’t be able to do it without them,” noted Castillo. “I refuse to quit, because if Raylyn survived, than I have to survive with her.”

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