Helping hearing impaired back into life

GB Audiology has been helping patients rekindle their sense of hearing and move forward in life since 2000.

“What you find when working with hearing-impaired people is that they withdraw socially,” said founder Dr. Gloria Boms. “They miss out on occasions and opportunities to talk to people who love them and share special events – so it’s great to help people achieve better hearing in life.”

Located at 107 Northern Boulevard, Suite 309 in Great Neck, GB Audiology has been providing diagnostic and rehabilitative services for people with hearing problems. Boms said at GB Audiology, the staff works to determine the nature of the problem, what is causing it, then help remediate it.

“If it’s a medical problem, we refer to medical services, but most patients have hearing loss that can be corrected with hearing aids,” she said.

Patients receive help in areas such as fitting for proper hearing aids and follow up checkups. Other services include hearing assessment for all ages, real-ear measurement and private counseling sessions for patients and their families.

Boms added that with the evolution of technology, attitudes toward hearing aids have changed drastically.

“Technology today is amazing,” she said. “Years ago, people were lukewarm about hearing aids but today the acceptance and satisfaction have improved dramatically.”

Additionally, Boms said there are so many more optional devices available to enhance hearing aids thanks to a technologically savvy society.

“Things like watching television with a hearing aid is great, but when you move away to wash the dishes you still want to hear the television and now you can do that,” she said. “It’s fun to see how these options have evolved to enhance the performance of hearing aids.”

When asked what sets GB Audiology apart from other similar businesses, Boms said in addition to their expertise, the staff provides “every patient with as much time and attention as they need.” She added that each patient’s needs are addressed individually and all proper technology is used to cater to each individual lifestyle.

In celebration of its anniversary and in commemoration of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month, GB Audiology are offering a $250 discount for new patients coming in and purchasing new hearing aids.

“We appreciate having had the opportunity to serve the Great Neck community these past 11 years,” said Boms. “We really value the relationship with our patients and thank them for trusting us.”

For more information, visit gbaudiology.com or call 516-466-4299.

– Alexa Mae Asperin


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