North Shore Towers Sponsors Local Little League Team

For the second season in a row, North Shore Towers will be supporting young baseball players by sponsoring a local little league team.
The Towers first sponsored a Queens team last year following a suggestion by Marketing, Publicity and Public Relations Committee member Larry Lansner, who is a former little league coach. Lansner said the sponsorship was a “big success” last season, noting that the kids looked great wearing uniforms that said “North Shore Towers” on the back and that the parents enjoyed having a sponsor.
Lansner described it as an opportunity to reach out to the surrounding community and called it “a win-win sitation.”
“I went to a couple of their games and it was really exciting to see ‘North Shore Towers’ on their uniforms,” said Board President Bob Ricken. “I thought it was a very exciting opportunity for us.”
Ricken noted that the financial committee is “just a couple hundred” dollars and said that it gave people in the Bayside area a chance to see the name North Shore Towers and possibly get interested in the cooperative.
Marketing Committee Chair Shelley Sander said that the sponsorship was very much appreciated last year.
“We’re so happy we came back,” she said.
This year, the cooperative will be sponsoring the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team of 10 and 11 year olds.
Although the professional baseball team with the same name might not have the best record, Lansner is sure that the little league Pittsburgh Pirates will have a great year.
“Our team the Pittsburgh Pirates is going to do better than the one in the National League,” he said. “I predict that. I’m rooting for the Pirates and I think North Shore Towers is to be commended for going out of its way [to support the community].”
Sander said, “We hope you’ll come out to a game and cheer our team on.”
The team kicked off its season with an opening parade on April 30 and will play through mid-summer. North Shore Towers will be posting the team’s schedule.
Be sure to check back next month for an update on North Shore Towers’ Pittsburgh Pirates.

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