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Medical procedure for severe asthma

A new medical procedure might be the answer to those that suffer from severe asthma.
Bronchial thermoplasty – now offered at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is the first non-drug treatment for those that suffer from severe and chronic asthma symptoms, according to a release from the hospital.
“This procedure is novel, in that, it is the first time asthma is being treated in a physical way,” said Dr. Craig Thurm, director of Jamaica Hospital’s Division of Pulmonary Medicine, in the release. “Previously, patients with severe asthma could only rely on medications such as high dose inhaled steroids, bronchodilators and xolair.”
Asthma sufferers have “excessive airway smooth muscle in their lungs” and when strenuous exercise or stress triggers a response, the airways contract causing an asthma attack, according to the release.
The FDA approved procedure would use thermal energy to heat and shrink the thickened muscle in the lungs that surround the airways.
The new procedure is only offered to patients 18 years old and older with severe asthma who cannot control their symptoms with medications such as such as Advair, Dulera and Symbicort.
According to the release, Jamaica Hospital is one of three in the state – and the only in Queens – to offer the procedure.

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