JOHN R. KHANI, Assistant Director of Public Affairs Council of Supervisors & Administrators

JOHN R. KHANI, Assistant Director of Public Affairs Council of Supervisors & Administrators

John Khani graduated from Long Island University with a B.A. in Political Science. In 1968, he began teaching fifth grade in the south Bronx at C.S. 61. As a teacher in 1969, Khani was a pioneer in the “task-card” approach to learning, a precursor to individualized learning and differentiated instruction.

In 1971, he received a scholarship to attend a community-based Masters’ program at Lehman College, where he received his first MS in team teacher training. Khani graduated with honors in African-American history and Puerto Rican culture. At Baruch, he received a second MS in educational administration. He completed the coursework for a PhD. in psychology at the Humanistic Psychology Institute in 1977.

Khani was transferred in 1975 to P.S. 305 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, where he taught gifted/talented students. Starting in1981, he served as assistant principal of P.S. 305. He was appointed principal of P.S. 287 in Fort Greene in 1988, where he served for 18 years.

Among numerous accomplishments during his 38 year career in education, Khani has served as vice-president for conventions for the NYC Elementary School Principals’ Association (NYCESPA). In collaboration with Ed Clinton, millions of dollars in grant money were awarded to P.S. 287, including an award winning state of the art Robin Hood Library- the first in District 13.

In 2005 he was appointed a member of a SURR Review Team, sponsored by the State Education Department.

John was selected as Supervisor of the Year in District 13 in 1997. During his last year as principal, his school ranked fourth in NYC in terms of improvement in mathematics and 17 in reading (language arts) out of over 700 elementary schools.

Since retiring, John works part-time as assistant director for public affairs for CSA.

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