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Lancman announces run for Congress seat held by Turner

By Dee Richard

Another busy week has gone by. You know, Queens is becoming a fun place to both live and work in. Long gone are the days when Queens was only a bedroom community for Manhattan.

On Feb. 28, we checked out Strawberry’s Sports Bar in Douglaston to see how the new karaoke night was working out. The place was packed and everyone seemed to be having a great time. As Tuesday night is ordinarily a slow night, it seems karaoke with audience participation was a good idea to beef up a slow, dull evening.

Last Thursday was the usual weekly madhouse. It was first off to Dazie’s in Sunnyside for a re-election fund-raiser for Cathy Nolan. Cathy had a huge showing of support from her constituents. They all love her and the job she is doing on their behalf. Good luck, Cathy!

Our second and next stop was the March meeting of the Holly Hill Civic Association at New York Hospital in Flushing. They had a nice turnout. Holly Hill used to hold its meetings in the party back room of the Palace Diner. Don Capalbi, the group’s president, said they were happy to find a place convenient to all. Good luck on your new digs!

Our third and last stop was at Russo’s on the Bay in Howard Beach for a dinner-dance for the benefit of the New York Families for Autistic Children. Well over 300 folks were at that bash. They had across-the-board support of just about everyone.

I don’t think they have come up with the root cause of autism. There are several theories, but I don’t think there is positive proof that one theory or a combination of theories would explain this disease and the fact that it is on the rise.

It is, however, something they are continually working on and they have made great strides in helping the children. It is a worthwhile organization and if you can afford to support them, please do so. They need all the help they can get.

Rory Lancman was at Cathy’s fund-raiser and was telling everyone he thought the congressional lines would be officially stated Friday, in which case he was all set and ready to announce his candidacy for Bob Turner’s seat — the same seat formerly held by Anthony Weiner.

Sounds like a good plan. The seat had been a Democratic seat for more than 88 years — that’s why everyone was amazed that Republican Turner won the seat. But there does seem to be several problems, not the least of which are the opposing suggestions by both parties. According to the latest census count, two state congressional districts must be eliminated.

Both the state Assembly Democrats and the state Senate Republicans agree that retiring Democrat Maurice Hinchey’s Hudson Valley District should be eliminated, but when it comes to the elimination of the required second district, there is as usual a bone of contention. The Democrats want to put Joseph Crowley’s and Turner’s districts into one, while the Republicans would rather wipe out the Queens/Nassau district of Gary Ackerman.

If any or all of this becomes true, how will this affect Rory’s ambitions? Does that mean he would be running against Crowley?

Saturday afternoon was one of my favorite luncheons. It was the annual Ladies Luncheon of the Women’s Democratic Organization of Queens County at Antun’s in Queens Village. As usual, it was a blockbuster with more than 300 in attendance and not only all women. Every year there seems to be more men joining the ladies.

One of the honorees was former Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn, who as you may recall retired last year. Unfortunately, Nettie was under the weather as she had a fall and was not her usual energetic self, but being a trouper she still managed to show up to receive her awards.

I just love that woman. She epitomized what a good legislator should be and it doesn’t matter what the legislator is, male or female. She is a tough act to follow.

Who could forget her persistence over the years to pass her “baby AIDS bill”? They surely must miss Nettie in Albany. I guess it’s rather quiet without her. Hurry and feel better, Nettie, as there are still many fights for you to fight and much work for you to do. We love and appreciate you for your lifetime of dedication and achievements that you accomplished that benefited us all. Love you and see you soon.

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