Give teachers respect, good salaries

With all the talk that education is so important in this country, it is time that teachers who teach in schools throughout America be treated with the courtesy and professionalism they deserve.

Teachers are dedicated to their profession and work hard to help their students achieve their best in the classroom. With all of the hard work that is part of the teaching profession, teachers should be paid fair and livable salaries.

They have bills to pay like all workers in this country, but it seems that when it comes to a decent salary, it never happens. Teachers are not, nor have they ever been, treated as professionals in their field, and it is time for that recognition to be given to all of our teachers across America.

Test scores alone do not show what hard work and positive results teachers and their students achieve. There are so many other parameters that must be looked at when evaluating teachers.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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