Bayside BID director vows to better biz


Bayside business and property owners were introduced to Lyle Sclair, the new executive director of the Bayside Village Business Improvement District (BID), who discussed plans for the BID’s future.

Sclair, who succeeded recently-ousted Gregg Sullivan, was presented to a packed room of more than 50 BID members at All Saints Church on Tuesday, May 8.

He was chosen “based on his qualifications and his ideas,” said BID Chair James Riso, who held the final interview with Sclair. “Right at the table he knew what a BID was. He came into the meeting with fresh ideas.”

Sclair holds a degree in urban planning from New York University. He has experience as an economic development associate in Brooklyn and has worked with four BIDs.

He pledged to gathered entrepreneurs that he will cooperate with them to make them money, bring more customers to Bell Boulevard and transform Bayside into “a model retail” area not only for Queens, but all of New York City.

“You have a room full of engaged business individuals who want to make a difference and want to see their businesses succeed,” Sclair said. “So I think we have a lot of opportunity to go forward.”

He gave a run-down of plans for the future, including each member getting a free expo table at the upcoming June Art Fair, an event called “Roll Up the Gate” in September to have all property owners conduct a marathon open house and a plan to get patrons to flood Bayside restaurants in October during the Queens Economic Development Corporation’s Restaurant Week.

“Once I understand your challenges we can understand what reflective strengths are to address those,” Sclair explained. “It’s my job to make you money.”

Sullivan, who was at the meeting, approved his replacement as he acknowledged the goal of the BID is to make Bayside better.

“Seems like a wonderful gentlemen,” Sullivan said. “I already wished him the best of luck, told him I would offer him my support.”

After the event, Sclair said the goal is get to another level.

“Bayside is a very good shopping district,” Sclair said. “Other communities are saying that they want to be like Bayside — they want to be better than Bayside. We have to be better than ourselves.”