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Bloomberg ban is brave

Over the years, it seems, serving sizes have been increasing proportionally to waistlines.

With obesity — and all its related ailments — on the rise, we say bravo Bloomberg for being brave enough to do something about it.

Although his new plan — to ban sugary drinks over 16 ounces — is being met with some resistance (and some very funny ads), we feel that something had to be done — and back him wholeheartedly.

Soda and sugary drinks are empty calories. With no nutritional value, all they do is tick up your daily count. Yes, they may give you a “quick fix” energy boost, but you will crash sooner rather than later.

The mayor is not being unrealistic.

He realizes that he cannot stop people from consuming large quantities of these beverages — all you would have to do is order two.

So good job, Mayor Mike, for trying to put the health of New Yorkers first. After all, someone’s gotta do it.


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