‘lamp of Learning’ for Student Service

Youths Honored For Volunteerism

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan announced the winners of the “Lamp of Learning Medals” recognizing students within her legislative district, which includes the neighborhoods of Ridgewood, Maspeth, Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City and Astoria.

As announced the medals are awarded to two students in local schools who have volunteered their services to programs aimed at bettering the community. The medals were presented to the honorees at their respective graduation ceremonies.

The list of schools and medal winners are as follows:

– P.S. 88, Ridgewood-Duljko Rasic and Nicole Semenyuk;

– P.S. 166, Astoria-Paraskevi Skordes and Hillary Pham;

– The Academy of American Studies, Long Island City-Jordan Canela and Jemifer Islam;

– North Queens Community High School, Flushing-Christopher Volpe and Miquana Hill;

– Martin Luther School, Maspeth-Esther Schulze and Pedrojade Torino-Lopez;

– P.S. 68, Ridgewood-Kenneth Gomez and Marelyn Velez;

– I.S. 204, Dutch Kills-Jonathan Hang and Suraya Dewan;

– I.S. 125, Woodside-Victor Ramirez and Leonela Tulasig;

– The High School of Applied Communication, Long Island City- Juan Juarey and Humaira Latif;

– P.S. 112, Astoria-Joshua Gabriel and Janiya Issac;

– Louis Armstrong Middle School, Corona-Jeremy Gurgis and Sophia Frigo;

– St. Raphael School, Long Island City-Shahraiz Khan and Desire Garza;

– The Renaissance Charter School, Jackson Heights-Andrew Nicholas and Vilma Gamarra;

– P.S. 76, Ravenswood-Zebadiah Jones and Lexi Kunzer-Cruz;

– St. Brigid School, Brooklyn- Sheila Tlatela and Nicholas Cruz;

– Notre Dame Catholic Academy of Ridgewood-Christopher Viola and Danielle Armato;

– P.S. 150, Sunnyside-Steven Mendez and Emanuella Satruc;

– Bard High School Early College, Long Island City-Xavier Giovanni Contreras and Juliana Gutierrey;

– P.S. 9, Maspeth-Maurice Ruffin and Destiny Luna;

– Queens Vocational and Technical High School, Long Island City- Francisco Frias and Jennifer Rojas;

– P.S. 153, Maspeth-Adolfo Bustos and Borislava Naydenova;

– Newcomers High School, Long Island City-Jiyuan Zhang and Jessica Alulema;

– P.S. 239, Ridgewood-German Cerrato and Selena Gonzalez;

– P.S. 199, Sunnyside-Marlan Guaman and Marlen Ortiz;

– P.S. 171, Astoria-Brandon Diaz and Arpita Ghosh;

– Our World Neighborhood Charter School, Astoria-Eric Woon and Ashley Miles;

– Most Precious Blood School, Astoria-Michael Popovech and Loriana


– Aviation High School, Long Island City-Jonathan Sancher and proma Talukder;

– Townsend Harris High School, Flushing-Michael Benjamin and Marina Farid;

– P.S. 78, Long Island City- Oscar Perdomo and Zoe Sheehan;

– Long Island City High School- jie Wang and Ayesha Saleh;

– Martin Luther High School, Maspeth-Joshua Maldonado and Kimberly Obando;

– Grover Cleveland High School, Ridgewood-Ilir Shanja and Laura Decean; and

– The Baccalaureate School for Global Studies, Dutch Kills-Bismarch Pacheco and Ashley Narvaez.

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