New law to help breast cancer detection

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on Monday that requires mammography services to inform patients if dense breast tissue is found during an exam. The law was created to help improve breast cancer detection. Studies have shown that women with dense breast tissue may have a higher risk of developing the disease. It also makes it more difficult to detect breast cancer through a mammogram.

“Any sort of a law that raises awareness about breast cancer, educates the patients and makes them more proactive about their health is wonderful,” said Dr. Susan Lee, acting director of the New York Hospital Queens Breast Center.

If patients find out that their breast tissue is dense, they should talk to their physician, and figure out what is the best way to screen for breast cancer, she added.

The law, which doesn’t go into effect for 179 days, could lead to more ultrasound screening, and require more training and facilities to meet those demands, said Lee.



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