Kumon: Providing students with skills that lead to success

Kumon, an after-school math and reading center for kids of all ages and abilities, is helping children achieve success in school through individualized lesson plans.

The business was founded over 50 years ago in Japan by Toru Kumon, a high school math teacher, who originally created math worksheets for his son, who was struggling in math at the time. Since then, Kumon has been serving 46 countries worldwide.

Kayo Kita, owner of the Long Island City learning center, instructs and also works side by side with students.

“When we have classes on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, my main job is to observe students to make sure they are working on their ‘Just Right Level’. If I see they are struggling, I adjust their work and guide them to complete their work. I still come to the center and adjust their study plans on non-class days,” she said.

Unlike procedural tutoring, Kumon provides students with the tools and techniques necessary to become critical thinkers and life-long independent learners.

“We have over 100 subjects now, and people keep coming after hearing about our program,” said Kita.

Kumon accommodates students who need to catch up, as well as advanced students needing challenges by designing individualized programs that allow students to advance at their own pace.

Whether children are looking to gain the motivation to learn and accomplish much more on their own, Kumon helps students to develop strong study skills and a passion for learning.

“We would like many children in the community to try the program,” said Kita.

Kumon is located at 12-15 Jackson Avenue in LIC. To learn more, call 718-392-2075, or visit www.kumon.com.

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