Lives Shattetred

He shouldn’t have been driving.

Joseph Beer was a 17-year-old behind the wheel with only a learner’s permit when the unthinkable happened.

Under state law, someone with just a permit can drive at certain hours with someone who is 21 or older and holds a valid license.

Not only that, but reports claim that Beer was high on marijuana during the October 8 accident on the Southern State Parkway that claimed the lives of four teens — Christopher Khan, 18, Neal Rajapa, 17, Darian Ramnarine, 18, and Peter Kanhai, 18.

Beer, the only one wearing a seat belt, was also the only one to survive the horrific crash that split the car in two.

We can only wonder, had they buckled up, would they still be alive?

Nevertheless, now five families have been shattered — the four whose lives were lost, and Beer, who will never see his friends again.

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