Couple arrested after alleged pick up of delivered pot: Post

SOUTH RICHMOND HILL — A couple was arrested after they allegedly had 30 pounds of marijuana delivered to a pediatric medical center via FedEx at 115th Street and Liberty Avenue last week, according to a report in the New York Post.

The newspaper said Alicia Saunders, 23, a former employee at the pediatric center, received a phone call from a current employee that a package had arrived. Saunders’ boyfriend, Marlon Morris, 41, then allegedly went to pick it up, the paper said.

The pediatric staffer peeked into the package before Morris arrived and discovered the pot, the Post said. The medical center alerted police and both Morris and Saunders were arrested, according to the newspaper.

Saunders was charged with possession of marijuana and Morris was charged with criminal possession and disorderly conduct, the Post said.

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