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Green Eggs, Ham And Socialsecurity.gov

Mar. 2 is the birthday of beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss.

Last year we took part in the celebration with our take on The Cat in the Hat, called The Mouse in the House. This year, inspired by Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, we ham it up with Green Eggs, Ham, and Socialsecurity.gov.

I am Guy.

I am online.

That Online-Guy, that online Guy, I do not like that Online-Guy.

Do you like to go online?

I do not like to go online! I do not like it, Online-Guy.

Will you try a site I love?


I will not try that site you love, SocialSecurity.gov.

Will you try it here, or there?

I will not try it here or there. I will not try it anywhere!

I do not want to go online! I do not want to, Online-Guy!

Visit the website from your office computer.

I’ll cheer you on! I’ll be your root-er!

Try it over bagels and lox!

It takes just minutes-watch the clocks!

Don’t bother me here at my desk! Let me be, you online pest!

Would you, could you at the right time of day?

Could you, would you if you don’t have to pay?

I will not any time of day! Would you please be on your way?

You’ll love the website. You will see.

The online services are free!

These services are not a pain.

Try them on the commuter train!

I don’t want to see. Don’t be a pain.

Who cares that they’re free? I’m leaving the train.

Open a My Social Security account and see your benefit payment amount.

Do it here! At your kitchen table!

I know that you are more than able.

I will not do it while I eat! I just won’t do it, I repeat!

Here’s a service you cannot hate:

Get a benefit estimate!

Try it, do! Try it now!

Go online! I’ll show you how.

I do not wish for you to show. I only wish for you to go.

Apply for Medicare with me!

Online’s where you ought to be!

I will not do that next to you. Phones and offices will do.

But what about when it’s time to retire?

Trudge into an office? That seems rather dire!

Online is the way to do it.

Grab your laptop! Let’s get to it!

Online-Guy, don’t think me picky. But computer apps are awfully tricky.

Nonsense! Do not speak such doom!

Come now, to your living room.

We’ll finish your business in a zoom!

Not now. Maybe someday later. I’ve always been a procrastinator.

Will you log on from your bed?

Try the website! Go ahead!

Leave my house and close the door! Leave and bother me no more!

I do not want to go online! I do not want to, Online-Guy!

But you go online for all your mail.

You shop online when there’s a sale.

Online banking pays the bill.

You’ll love socialsecurity.gov. You will!

Guy hellip; if you will let me go, I’ll try the website. Then you’ll know. www.socialsecurity.gov.

Say! I like Social Security Online! I do! I like it, Online-Guy!

And I’ll create an account, and see my benefit payment amount.

I’ll use my Social Security, and get an estimate – just for me.

I’ll use the website to retire, and for Medicare! Guy, I’m on fire!

There’s fun stuff on this website too, like baby names and history, too!

I’ll use this website in my home, and at my office, and when I roam,

I’ll use it here and use it there.

Say! I’ll use it everywhere!

I do so like Social Security Online.

Thank you! Thank you, Online- Guy.

You’ll fall in love with the website, too!

Socialsecurity.gov waits for you.

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