Star of Queens: Patricia B. Sherwood, president, Queens Historical Society


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: The Queens Historical Society (QHS) works to preserve the history of the borough. As president of the QHS, Patricia Sherwood leads the board of directors and assists the executive director in carrying out the society’s mission.

Sherwood hopes that the QHS will be able to preserve the community’s history so that future generations of Queens residents will be able to enjoy it.

Sherwood has been on the QHS’ board of directors since 2007. She worked her way up the ranks to be voted vice-president of operations and then president of the board.

The society was founded in 1968 and is located in the Kingsland Homestead in Flushing

BACKGROUND: Sherwood moved from Manhattan to settle in Parkway Village, Queens in 1961. She said she has been involved with preservation projects since 2000.

Throughout the years, she has worked with organizations including the Queens Preservation Council, the Queens Historical District Council, the Women’s Club of Forest Hills and many others.

“That’s what I do in my spare time,” Sherwood said.

She describes her full-time job as being a mother and a grandmother.

INSPIRATION: Sherwood wants to make sure that New York is not automatically associated with the borough of Manhattan.

“I always felt [Queens] was an orphan borough,” she said.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Sherwood says one of her favorite memories is working with people from different cultures throughout Queens. She calls Queens a “United Nations” of cultures.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Sherwood cites a lack of financial resources and the low number of volunteers who are willing to help preserve Queens’ history as the biggest roadblock to her mission.

“It’s a lack of resources,” she said. “It’s a lack of people who want to work on the communities other than their own.”




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