Reactivate the Rockaway Beach line

Bus service has always been an issue on the Rockaway Beach line, specifically the Q53. There is daily overcrowding with students and adults alike trying to get onto the bus so they can get to their destinations on time.

As a parent, I am concerned about the safety of the students trying to push and shove their way into the bus so they are not late for school. As a matter of fact, one of the schools just sent out an e-mail to parents and students that it has noticed an excessive number of students coming into school late.

This not only affects their academic progress, performance, development and promotion but is unacceptable to the school. The large influx of commuters is at Woodhaven Boulevard and Liberty Avenue, where the main arteries meet among buses, cars and trains.

This is a dangerous intersection to cross, walk or drive in, so to have so many students standing there waiting for a bus is a safety concern. To avoid the crowds and the pushing and shoving, I drive my child to Myrtle Avenue every day to make sure she is able to get onto the bus without incident.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority needs to review all options available, including the reactivation of the Rockaway Beach line, to accommodate rush hour traffic and alleviate overcrowding on trains and buses going to Rockaway.

This is not only beneficial to the commuter, but it will benefit the MTA with increased ridership.

Queens needs a crosstown subway. Please sign two petitions to reactivate the Rockaway Beach line:



Lily Wong

Ozone Park

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