Buses in Rockaway too crowded

My name is Jerome D. Reyes and I have lived in the Rockaways for 10 years. I have three sons and a caring woman at home. It was never my intention to move to Rockaway, but after I saw the beach I fell in love with It. My son just turned 8 and the ocean and the beach is all he wants.

That is why it makes me sad to see the rest of New York has forgotten the Rockaways. Transportation has become extremely difficult. We cannot enjoy its wonderful beaches.

There are not enough buses operating in the Rockaways. The population is more than 100,000 and growing yearly. I cannot understand why as a tax-paying citizen the Rockaways are ignored to this extent.

It seems the city only cares about us when the summer comes. I work year-round and overcrowded buses and trains have gotten to the point that I have to allow at least two hours of travel time just to make sure I get to work on time in midtown Manhattan. It used to take an hour and 20 minutes. Now its takes an hour and 45 minutes and sometimes more.

The Q22 and the Q53 buses in the Rockaways are constantly overcrowded and seldom on time. With the upcoming summer, I can only imagine what this will bring to the residents in the Rockaways.

Could someone please investigate this situation? It is only getting worse. The combination of overcrowded buses and individuals tired from work and short tempers is a mixture for disaster.

Jerome D. Reyes

Rockaway Park

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