Court made wrong marriage decision

The U.S. Supreme Court’ ruling on gay marriage will cause more harm than good. The court has destroyed and robbed the foundation of traditional marriage and has single-handedly destroyed society as we know it.

As an openly gay man, I am disappointed and outraged by this ruling. The ruling will force churches of all faiths to preform same-sex marriages. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state?

I also did not see anything in this recent ruling that includes gay people who were married by civil unions. Will this new ruling include civil union partners? I say no.

Now same-sex marriage will leave the doors open for other such groups who believe they have a right to their own beliefs, such as pedophiles who believe they will have a right to go after children legally, and then you have people who like having sex with animals.

You will also have illegal immigrants pretending they love someone only to gain legal status by marrying gay partners and divorcing them and taking their money. How will divorce courts determine who is the man and woman in divorce proceedings?

Before gay marriage was introduced to the world, everyone was under the impression that gay people were deviants and perverts and no one wanted to believe otherwise. Unfortunately for some, this is proving true.

I know this from my own observations of how some gay people act in public by having sex in parks within 5 feet of women and children. Others at night and some gay people have the audacity to take it upon themselves to grab men without even knowing if they are gay or interested, and then some wonder why they get assaulted. This type of behavior will continue even more so now that the Supreme Court recognized gay marriage.

You will even see an increase in assaults against and killings of gay people from this ruling. When you force an issue down people’s throats, there is bound to be backlash and resentment. We might as well throw out the U.S. Constitution because it is no longer worth the paper it was written on.

Our Founding Fathers must be turning over in their graves after this travesty of justice.

Paul Priore


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