Star of Queens: Brent O’Leary, president, Hunters Point Civic Association

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Brent O’Leary has dedicated countless hours to the Queens community. He founded the Hunters Point Civic Association, which advocates for neighborhood causes, brings awareness of issues to the community and works to get community feedback. About two years ago, O’Leary became one of the founding members of the Boys and Girls Club’s Sunnyside/ Woodside unit, which provides activities including sports, artistic and educational events for children. O’Leary also works as a legal compliance council for Bloomberg L.P.

BACKGROUND: O’Leary was born in Jackson Heights and currently lives in Long Island City. He spent 10 years in Japan working for Bloomberg and was a former City Council candidate for District 26.

FAVORITE MEMORY: “My favorite memory is receiving a thank-you letter from all of the kids of the Boys and Girls Club,” said O’Leary.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “The biggest challenge has been trying to get people involved,” he said. “Because people are very busy with work and life, it’s hard for them to devote time to other causes.”

However, O’Leary is very happy with the Hunters Point Civic Association, which hosts active monthly meetings.

INSPIRATION: “My inspiration is my parents and seeing how hard they worked to make sure I had a chance,” O’Leary recalled. “That makes me want to make sure everyone else has the same chance, an opportunity to follow their dreams, whatever they may be.”




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