Street Talk: Will you be voting on November 5? Why or why not?

Yes, because my theory is that everybody has great ideas and it’s good to share them with the general public. It’s good to exercise your right to vote to see the outcomes of what some people are actually saying.
David Lipscomb

This time no, because it seems that every time we try to make a change with whichever party is chosen, there is no change. There’s always an agenda, so no matter who voted or how, they voted, the agenda is always the most important thing.
Jose Rodriguez

Yes, because I think the issues are important. In a way, I do feel like the government is going to do whatever it wants anyway.
David Burks

I’m not voting. I’m not really feeling it this year.
Maggie Gaydar

I’m not a resident here, although if I were, I would vote.
Michael Smith

I’m voting, but I won’t be voting in New York because I’m registered in California. But I’ll be voting because I think it’s important.
Hannah Armour

I’m not going to vote because I’m not a citizen. If I were, then I would take the time to learn more about who’s running and what they stand for, because I think voting is very important.
Sara Araujo

Yes, I will be voting because that’s what keeps the wheels of Democracy turning. Even if my candidate doesn’t win, I’ll know I did my part.
Tevin Robinson




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