DOE needs to gets its act together

Posting on their website the answers to an exam that students had not taken yet and being defensive about it while still demanding that the job security of teachers be linked to the worthless results of discredited tests, qualifies the city Department of Education for a Nobel Prize in Audacity.

By compounding folly with venom, it has injected tragedy into comedy. From the ceiling to the basement of the DOE’s sound-proof chambers, echoes of the cries of shame will not be heard. It is immune to the healing property of shame but not immune to the disease of arrogance.

The latest DOE screw-up is another milestone in their massive legacy of incompetence. Its record under Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a thick catalog of blunders. As a know-it-all firm of know-nothing non-educators, it is the poster agency for “the gang that could not shoot straight.”

Bless its heart. It does not embarrass easily.

Ron Isaac


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