Police discover alleged chop shop operation at South Ozone Park home

Police stripped a South Ozone Park home of auto parts on Monday after discovering an alleged chop shop operation at the residence.

Todd Archer, 30, and his girlfriend Tiffany Evans, 21, were arrested after cops found stripped vans, vehicle parts and tools at the 134th Street home.

Local resident Ian Kusinitz rents out vehicles and installed GPS monitors on each van and car. One of his vans was stolen, and he tracked it to Archer’s home. He then spotted some of his van’s parts on the side of the house, according to a police source.

Kusinitz called the cops, who responded to the scene on Monday, January 13. Officers were let into the home by Evans. Inside and around the house they found a variety of auto parts, including headlights, doors, center consoles, benches and more.

Cops also discovered over 100 bullets, said the source.

Officials additionally recovered three old model vans with newer parts.

Archer’s backyard, where he allegedly works on the vehicles, can be seen from neighboring houses, but cops never received a noise complaint or anonymous tip.

After tracing the origin of auto parts, cops discovered they came from all over the borough, including the 111th, 102nd, 107th and 106th Precincts. Once vans were stripped, Archer allegedly dumped them around the neighborhood.

The investigation is ongoing.



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