Vandals Made Mess on J Train

Suspected Taggers Caught In Richmond Hill

Undercover officers grabbed two alleged graffiti vandals who defaced a subway car in Richmond Hill early last Saturday morning, Jan. 11, police reported.

Some of the graffiti paraphernalia recovered by police from two individuals busted for vandalism in Richmond Hill last Saturday, Jan. 11.

The suspects were identified by authorities as Tommy Martinez, 19, of Elton Street in Cypress Hills and Jeremy Cautin, 21, of Jamaica Avenue in Richmond Hill.

According to police, the bust occurred at around 12:01 a.m. last SaturdayonboardaJtraincarnear the 111th Street J/Z station, located in the vicinity of 111th Street and Jamaica Avenue.

Reportedly, three plain-clothed members of the NYPD Transit Bureau Citywide Vandals Task Force-Sgt. Jimmy Conwell, Det. Christopher Diaz and P.O. Anthony D’Ascanio-were on patrol when they observed Martinez and Cautin seated on a bench next to a freshlypainted graffiti tag.

As the officers approached the pair, law enforcement sources said, Diaz observed Martinez attempting to close a backpack which, according to the detective’s observations, contained several spray paint cans.

Police said Diaz additionally observed Cautin wearing a green latex glove and having a gray spray paint can sticking out of the left pocket of his jacket.

Upon further investigation, the officers reportedly determined that Martinez painted a large tag in black spray paint-measuring 10′-wide by 3 1/2′-tall-inside a train car. It is alleged that Cautin acted as the lookout while Martinez allegedly committed the vandalism.

Martinez and Cautin were taken into custody by the officers and charged with criminal mischief, making graffiti, criminal trespass and 15 counts of possession of graffiti instruments.

According to court records, Martinez was arraigned later last Saturday in Queens Criminal Court before Judge Elisa Koenderman, who released Martinez on his own recognizance. He is scheduled to return to court on Mar. 5.

Information on Cautin’s court appearance was not available.

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