GOP not as extreme as Cuomo claims it is

On behalf of the Queens Village Republican Club, I would like to thank the media outlets which covered our “Cuomo Outrage” press conference at Queens Borough Hall Jan. 21. Thanks for helping to make our voices heard in protest of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s intolerant remarks directed against a large swath of New Yorkers with politically different opinions than himself, that they should leave New York state.

While we embrace the entire spectrum of Republican perspectives from moderate to conservative, we do not consider the particular conservative views condemned and categorized by our governor, and recently in a statement by Mayor Bill de Blasio, as “extreme.” The majority of Americans hold pro-life beliefs and support the Second Amendment and traditional marriage. It is illustrative of the arrogance of power for a governor and a mayor to demonize a wide segment of the New York population because of their beliefs.

The Queens Village Republican Club is not extremist. We are part of a legitimate political party with legitimate political views and we are not dead. We are America’s oldest and most diverse Republican club. We invite you to come and see the ethnic diversity of fellow New Yorkers as well as the diversity of viewpoints from moderate to conservative Republican perspectives on display at our upcoming grand annual event, the Lincoln Day Dinner, Feb. 9. All are welcome to come and join with us for a day of celebration of President Abraham Lincoln and the proud values of the Republican Party.

We have sent a personal invitation to Cuomo and de Blasio so we can show them that our views are not narrow or extreme. We will show them that the many faces and voices of diversity of fellow New Yorkers are alive and well in the Republican Party. All are welcome. We will present a spectacular dinner party that will honor and highlight the achievements of some of the most remarkable New Yorkers.

We will honor John W. Peterkin, a retired U.S. Army veteran of World War II, of Bellerose who went on to serve four more combat tours in Korea and Vietnam and who has been reticent up until now about his service and sacrifice for freedom and democracy. The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to James Trent, president and founder of the Queens County Farm Museum, who has selflessly given 50 years of civic service and leadership to the residents of Queens without asking for anything in return.

We will hear from keynote speaker U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-Massapequa Park), considered a moderate Republican, in contrast to arch-conservative Republican firebrand Dan Bongino, former NYPD officer and U.S. Secret Service agent for both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. What he witnessed at the White House compelled him to run for public office, which he is doing now for a seat in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

We are holding this festive event at Antun’s of Queens Village, which has celebrated every New York governor and mayor and nearly all U.S. presidents. We now invite our current governor and mayor, the mainstream press and all New Yorkers to see the greatness and diversity of Main Street New York on display at this celebration of the Grand Old Party, which is now and will always be part and parcel of the fabric and political culture of New York City and state.

Phil Orenstein


Queens Village Republican Club

Queens Village

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