Street Talk: Do you think more should be done to keep pedestrians safe?

We think a lot more should be done to keep pedestrians safe. We’re from Woodhaven and Woodhaven Boulevard is an unsafe road. We think more speed bumps should be put in, as well as longer lights so people can cross safely.
Kendall & Elaine O

Although countdown clocks have been added, I think more should be done.  There is still a lot of traffic and the drivers don’t seem to have a care in the world.
Hermina Diaz

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with how things are, and I don’t see any change that could be made.  I think people just need to be cautious and aware of their surroundings.
Laura C.

I think for the sake of the elderly and younger children more needs to be done to keep pedestrians safe.  I think if street lights were longer it would make it safer to cross the street.
Alex Forbes

I believe some roads in Queens are very unsafe, and I see people all the time crossing the street at a red light, so I think more should be done to prevent jay walking.
Alicia S.

I feel that streets are fine the way they are. I haven’t seen any dangerous action while I’ve lived here, I just think people need to be more careful when crossing the street.
Innilys Rodriguez

I’ve never had a bad experience, but these streets are very unsafe so I think something needs to be done to keep pedestrians safe and fatalities down.
Martha Culma

We believe that these streets are unsafe. Sometimes we get nervous crossing the street because the cars will just speed by, so they should decrease the speed limit on the most dangerous roads.
Angela R. & Ariana D.






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