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Queens native has TV plans for Naked Catering business

Photos by Pamela Young

A Queens native is ready to bare it all on television in the hopes of taking his unique catering business to the next level.

Pieps LeBreton (“Chef Pieps” as he likes to be called), is the owner of Naked Catering, a company that combines gourmet food with sexy servers, who are usually decked out in body paint.

Chef Pieps founded Naked Catering in Los Angeles in 2003, after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in 2000.

He left Queens, where he mainly lived in Flushing, in 1985, around the age of 25, to go to Hollywood and pursue a career as a producer. For about 15 years he worked on everything from music videos to commercials and television shows, but “things got a little tiresome,” and he decided to go back to a passion he had since childhood.

“I’ve cooked all my life,” said Chef Pieps, adding that his father always said he should be a professional cook.

Chef Pieps

After doing on-the-set catering and private cooking, Chef Pieps started thinking about an idea of sexily-clad servers, but wasn’t truly inspired until he saw actress Demi Moore body painted in a magazine. He then thought of painting females servers in sexy tuxes.

He came up with a name as bold as the idea — “Naked Catering” — and in six months launched his business.

“I was ahead of my time … some people thought it was pornographic,” he said.
Chef Pieps said some people were squeamish about the concept, “but when people saw it, it was a wow factor.”

Women are as fascinated with the concept as men, and want to hire his catering service for their husbands’ birthdays, anniversaries; he even has done a wedding.

Naked Catering also has male servers, and women who wear sexy outfits, not just body paint, depending on the type of party the customer wants.

“You’d be surprised, a lot of girls who you wouldn’t think would want to do it, want to do it,” said Chef Pieps, who’s had an attorney, teacher and school bus driver work as body-painted servers.

Though he says his catering service has been a success on the West Coast, and his servers were even featured on E!’s “12 Sexiest Hollywood Jobs,” Chef Pieps is looking to bring it to the next level.

He’s currently trying to launch his business on the East Coast, first in Florida, and soon in New York City.

Chef Pieps is also shopping around a reality TV show that he describes as “Hell’s Kitchen meets Bad Girls” that will document his catering business.

He has also shot 13 episodes of a cooking/talk show program that is set to air in Europe. Chef Pieps calls himself a “Chef Extraordinaire,” and the show, which has plans to also air in the U.S., will showcase other similar chefs.

He explains it as a cook who takes any type of food and gives it a new kind of flavor.

“[A ‘Chef Extraordinaire’] is not afraid to try something different and attack it at a different level.”




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