Bring every troop home now

The shear dishonesty, let alone outright absence of patriotism, of even questioning the exchange of five uncharged terrorists for one American soldier is disgusting, and those shameless dissidents who are condemning President Barack Obama for doing so should hang their heads if they are not in fact devoid of shame.

“Leave no soldier behind” has certainly been the battle cry in wars as long as I can remember. It certainly was during World War II as well as the Korean War. The thought otherwise was inconceivable.

We judge the behavior of our service personnel here at home and not in the news media or political opportunism. That we even consider not trading these four “evil geniuses” back to their tribes, who have already been replaced since they are all alike, it would therefore affect either their or our resolve and would compromise our efforts is ludicrous.

What is clear is that if Obama wants the trade, it is just downright wrong. “No” is the positive cry from the present negative contortion of the once Grand Old Party.

The old Frank Buck, “Bring them back alive” mantra is a great pattern. If indeed they are now going to kill less of us in order to capture more of our soldiers alive for trade, bring them on. To return more of our fighting men and women back home while emptying out Cheney’s county club and America’s black eye — Guantanamo — we not only kill two predatory birds with one stroke but replace them with the proud American eagle.

Nicholas Zizelis


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