Flushing woman sentenced in butt injections case

By Alex Robinson

A Flushing woman who performed illegal butt enhancement procedures in her home that sent one woman to the hospital was sentenced to two to three years in prison, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Tuesday.

Liliana Coello, 41, pleaded guilty in May to unauthorized practice of a profession and an assault charge, the DA said.

“The defendant exploited the vanity of her customers by pretending to be qualified to perform a procedure — silicone buttocks injections — that in fact is illegal for even licensed medical professionals in New York state to perform,” Brown said.

Coello was arrested in 2012 after she injected silicone into a 40-year-old woman’s buttocks at her home, on 157th Street in Flushing, according to a criminal complaint filed by prosecutors.

She charged the woman $2,300 for the procedure, gave her a girdle to wear for support and told her the pain she was experiencing would go away after a few days, the complaint said.

The woman returned when the pain did not go away and Coello then injected what she told the women was penicillin into areas where she was experiencing redness and swelling, the DA said.

She also injected Krazy glue into the woman’s posterior on another visit, the complaint said.

When the woman finally went to the hospital, doctors discovered the areas Coello had injected were infected, according to the complaint. She had to spend several days at the hospital for treatment and has had to continue to return for treatment as the injections caused life-long complications, prosecutors said.

Doctors said the substance injected into the woman’s buttocks was also potentially life-threatening, the complaint said.

Coello was released on $10,000 bail and was awaiting trial when she was rearrested in 2014 after an investigation revealed she had also performed a similar procedure on a woman in 2011, Brown said.

“She committed a serious crime that could have had fatal consequences for the victims had they not sought legitimate medical assistance elsewhere,” the DA said. “Even doing so, the procedures performed by the defendant could have potentially life-threatening consequences for the victims.”

Coello was sentenced to two years for the assault charge and an indeterminate term of one to three years for the unauthorized practice of a profession, the DA said.

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