Landlords need higher rents

I am responding to your editorial “Freeze the Rents” in your June 20-26 issue.

I am a landlord in a private home in Middle Village and must bring to your editor’s attention that over the last 10 years our real estate taxes have increased substantially. Our water tax rates have also increased more than 10 percent each year except this year.

The city Department of Environmental Protection was recently on the news saying our water rates will increase again due to the disposable throwaways that are not disintegrating and require special handling at our sewer treatment plants.

In addition, homeowners’ insurance has increased every year as well as our heating and hot water costs. Has anyone taken into consideration the normal maintenance costs to maintain our homes?

It is unreal to expect homeowners to freeze rents in the face of rising costs that must be paid to live in New York City.

Charles Krzewski

Middle Village

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