Lindenwood flood claim offers begin

By Sarina Trangle

City Comptroller Scott Stringer’s office said this week it had begun offering settlements to Lindenwood residents whose homes were damaged by a sewage plant spill April 30.

The city Department of Environmental Protection acknowledged an electronic monitoring equipment malfunction at the Spring Creek Combined Sewer Overflow Retention Facility failed and contributed to the flooding in a May 16 memo.

But the comptroller’s office previously said it needed a final report from DEP to pay out claims.

Stringer’s staff would not say whether it received such a report, but emphasized he was prioritizing the issue.

“Engineers from his office have moved swiftly and inspected more than 100 homes alleged to be damaged by that flood. As of this week, the comptroller’s office has started making offers of settlements to flooding victims,” a Stringer spokesman said in an e-mail.

Residents have up to 30 days to accept an offer.

The comptroller’s office then has 90 days to pay out such arrangements.

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