Street Talk: Are you excited to go back to school?


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“I’m excited, I like school!”
Emon D.

Gina D.

“My kids are in second grade and kindergarten so we’re planning to get the school supplies this week and I’m verbally preparing my little one.”
Gina D.

Elizabeth F.

“We’re going to the hair salon.”
Elizabeth F., age 4

Mike E.

“I guess we’re not preparing… we’re just focusing on enjoying the summer as much as possible.”
Mike Eudabin

Isabella K.

“She’s really excited. She’s not scared, I’m scared.”
Isabella K.

Michelle M.

“Nothing, I’m in denial. I’ll go shopping on Friday – that’s my deadline.”
Michelle Mietzner

Wayne C.

“We already did our shopping because the school doesn’t supply anything anymore, so we have a very long laundry list.”
Wayne C.

Corey C.

Yes and no. Yes because we have recess, and no because we may have to walk too much.”
Corey C., age 6


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