Airplane noise distresses disabled

An open letter to my elected officials:

I am retired, 80 years old and trying to recover from multiple mini strokes, two major stroke and bleeding in the brain. The doctor told my wife that it was going to die, but here I am.

The airplane noise has impacted my life and recovery, which is very slow. The airplanes departing LaGuardia Airport start at 6 a.m. and wake me. They are loud and mostly low. Most of the time they fly right through the morning and afternoon and into the evening.

I sit on my front patio, but there is no peace and quiet. I cannot listen to the ball game on radio or have a conversation with my wife or anyone else. If the phone rings, I cannot hear what

is being said and I cannot jump up and go outside because of my disability.

The noise has an adverse effect on my cardiovascular system and my hearing.

Something must be done to solve the airplane noise.

Please help to lower the noise level or eliminate it altogether. Force the FAA to have a different flight path – maybe over the water like it used to be.

George Donahue


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