Record Haul Reported at Forest Park Recycling Day

Over 22 Tons Of Items Dropped Off

In their biggest and busiest recycling event to date, State Sen. Joseph Addabbo and Assemblyman Mike Miller announced that 45,500 lbs. of waste was dropped off by many environmentally minded residents at Forest Park on Sept. 28.

“I’m amazed by the totals we reached this time around,” Addabbo said. “We hold a recycling day twice a year because it is always popular, but this event exceeded expectations. I’m proud to say our constituents are taking an active interest in their homes and their environment.”

SecurShred collected around 11,000 lbs. of shredded paper, E-Green Management/PK Metals took in 28,500 lbs. of e-waste and the Salvation Army packed their truck tight with 6,000 lbs. of donated goods. An extra truck was brought in to collect overflow.

“The number of items collected during this past Recycle Day is a testament to the lack of opportunity for individuals to properly recycle items such as electronics, paper, and other household items,” Miller said. “Recycle Day also shows the willingness of people to do their part to protect our environment and properly recycle when the opportunity exists. Senator Addabbo and I are happy to provide this bi-annual recycling event in an effort to help preserve our environment and I look forward to our next Recycling Day in April.”

The paper collected by SecurShred saves nearly 3,000 trees, and gets recycled as toilet paper, paper towels, printing paper and other everyday items. E-Green Management/PK Metals was able to fill nearly 20 bulk boxes in just three hours time, and ended the day with three trucks filled of old computers, televisions and more.

The Salvation Army doubled their collection from the spring recycling event and had a nearly-full truck halfway through the day. Those donations will be distributed to various Salvation Army locations, some of which are overseas.

Additionally, the hundreds of books collected will be used in local community book sales. Many old American flags to be delivered to veterans groups for proper disposal and eye glasses to be recycled by Pearle Vision were also collected.

“Recycling isn’t always at the top of everyone’s priority list, and isn’t something people always think about. But the importance of recycling and what we were able to do at this event is invaluable, and the numbers speak for themselves. The work done here today and at all of the Recycling Days are just a small step in preserving our environment, but a step all the same,” Addabbo said. “I thank everyone sincerely for coming out and contributing to a great day.”

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