Journal’s Focus on Qns. Writers

Trivia Night To Support Group

The upcoming fifth edition of the Newtown Literary Journal will be published this December, and a community fundraising event to support the publication will be held in Astoria on Monday, Nov. 10, it was announced.

The journal is for first time writers, established wordsmiths and anyone interested in authors from Queens. The semi-annual publication prints fiction, creative writing, essays and poetry “that go beyond entertainment and storytelling,” according to its website.

Founder and editor Tim Frederick is a short story writer that has lived in several neighborhoods in Queens.

Frederick helped found the journal to highlight borough writers, he told the Times Newsweekly in an interview last Friday.

“Our goal is to support and promote the work of Queens writers,” Frederick said. “I thought it would be great to highlight and publish Queensbased writers,” he said.

“Literary work, literary writing is not that something that people associate as coming from Queens,” he said. But that’s changing. People are starting to recognize that Queens is a literary borough.”

Frederick has been published in literary journals and is finalizing a collection of his work that he hopes to have published, he added

The journal was begun in 2011 when Frederick was attending a lot of reading series and getting to know writers in the borough.

The journal is funded by donations and sales, he said. The trivia night will hep raise monies to print the upcoming issue Frederick stated.

It will be held at Break Bar and Billiards in Astoria. Questions will focus on literary knowledge and prizes will be given, it was noted.

“We’re trying to make sure we have enough money to pull this off,” he said. “We’re excited because it’s out first themed issue.”

Though the journal will be available on Kindle and Nook, to Frederick, a print version is important.

“Print still has a cache over electronic formats,” he said.

Newtown Literary has published four issues since a handful of writers got together to begin the journal, Frederick said.

Over its lifetime, the journal has featured a children’s writing contest and expanded its staff, Fredrick stated..

“We’re really growing,” he said. It’s been great, there’s been a lot of support from the community. As a journal, we’ve really grown extensively.”

The theme of the upcoming issue is speculative prose and poetry, which includes science fiction, horror and fantasy pieces, Frederick said.

The fifth edition will be released in early December. It’s been edited and laid out, but more money is needed to publish it, Frederick noted.

“We really count on the community to support us.”

The event organizer for the fundraiser, Melanie Sooter, said funds for Newtown Literary will help the journal continue to provide borough writers and readers with a homegrown l publication that supports writers in local communities.

“Queens really needed more of a literary support group,” Sooter said. “It’s a great way to show off Queens writers and we are really excited.”

Sooter also helped organize the Queens Writes events this past spring, she said.

The deadline for submissions for the December issue has passed, but the journal will begin to take submissions for the spring issue in the winter, she stated.

“They published me in the last edition,” Sooter said. “That’s how I got involved.”

The content of the journal is quite diverse, Sooter said: “We publish a little bit of everything. A wide range of stuff, mostly poetry and prose. “

First time writers and coffeeshop poets are welcome as well, she said.

“A lot of our published authors are first-time writers,” Sooter said.

The journal is named for Newtown, one of the original towns included when New York City was created out of several boroughs in 1898, it was noted. For more information on the journal or the trivia night, go online to newtownliterary.org, or contact the organizer, melanie.sooter@gmail.com.

Newtown Literary can be bought for $10 at the Astoria Book Shop, 31-29 31st St., near the Broadway N and Q stop. Donations can be made, and more information can be found om its website: newtownliterary.org, Click the donate tab to contribute.

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