MTA mulls new fare hikes

By Philip Newman

Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials are discussing a variety of possibilities as to how much subway and bus fares will go up in 2015.

The MTA is talking about hiking the cost of a monthly MetroCard by $4.50 to $116, according to MTA sources.

Under one possible plan, the $2.50 base fare would be preserved. Another would reduce bonuses.

The transit officials emphasized that none of the possible changes are final – only under discussion as options.

Under the MTA’s long-range plan, fares are to rise in 2015 and 2017, but by how much is up in the air and won’t be finalized until late next month or possibly early January 2015.

The MTA has yet to announce the dates and locations of mandatory public hearings prior to fare raises, although the hearings will be held next month.

The MTA board would then approve the hikes.

Any increases would take effect in March.

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