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Election Day brings little change

On Nov. 4, Americans rejected President Barack Obama and his progressive agenda and elected a majority of Republicans to Congress as well as many state governments.

The Democrats lost because the voters rejected their redistributionist liberal policies, but they claim it was simply because the voters were not sufficiently informed of the awesome utopia that is planned for them.

The Republicans, on the other hand, campaigned with nothing more than a tepid antipathy to Obamacare and no clear discernible mission or agenda. They think the voters elected them to simply avoid gridlock, to compromise, to reach across the aisle and accommodate the opposition as Republicans are wont to do.

The sad reality is that the Republican Party of today is not the party that was embraced by President Ronald Reagan. It rarely speaks of the virtues of self-reliance, creativity and achievements of man, enabled and empowered by the Constitution, but echoes the grumbling and grousing of those whose life styles are supported by our unselfish generosity.

Social programs have become entitlements and attempts to curtail them provoke accusations of bigotry and racism.

The priorities of our representatives are not in sync with those of most Americans.

The growing unsustainable debt, unemployment, a flawed Affordable Care Act, terrorist threats and beheadings, racial tensions, uncontrolled borders are some of the issues that affect my life and pursuit of happiness.

Our representatives have exhibited neither concern nor outrage at the revelations by Jonathan Gruber of the great con called Obamacare, the intimidation of citizens by the IRS, the porous border, the abuse of our veterans by the VA, unexamined and uncontrolled spending, the egregious unconstitutional abuse of Executive Orders by the president.

There is no doubt that all we’ve done is just rearranged the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

Ed Konecnik


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