Keep commercial signs out of residential areas

By Thomas Greene

I am a property owner in Flushing and would appreciate your assistance with a property use violation.

I live on 148th Street between 33rd and 34th avenues. The tenants of the corner property at 33-03 148th St. have affixed a commercial business sign to the fence of the property. The sign is for a construction business, not recent home improvements.

Additionally, a commercial vehicle van is parked on the property. I submitted a complaint through 311. I also engaged the tenants of the house to ask for the signs to be removed and provided the zoning map of the area. They have not removed their signs yet. The property is owned by St. George Episcopal Church, Main Street, Flushing.

It is a great concern to residential property owners that our neighborhoods be used in compliance with zoning regulations. As a property owner, the worst i can do is nothing, so i am reaching out to those who represent our community.

Please help keep our communities thriving and habitable by addressing the inappropriate use of the property.

Thank you

Thomas Greene


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