Op-ed: Rebuilding the Queens GOP


After some 30 years of intramural conflict, the Republican Party of Queens has exhausted itself to the point of peace and reconciliation.

Every faction and viewpoint has come to the same conclusion: enough is enough — it is now time to unite and begin doing the hard work of party building and election winning.
The factions in the party have diverted too much attention to matters other than recruiting candidates, candidate support and membership buildups. Everyone now sees the need for a united leadership and common goals.

It has fallen to me to begin the unity and rebuilding effort as county Republican chairman. Among the first orders of business is to revise county election rules and procedures to make the process fair and transparent. New rules will be posted on the website for public comment prior to voting by the county executive committee. In the next few weeks we will select a headquarters site, revamp the website and establish a countywide communications system, raise funds and begin a voter registration drive.

Queens, with its population of 2.2 million, has about 120,000 registered Republicans and are out-registered by Democrats by more than 3 to 1. While this may seem an insurmountable disadvantage, the Democrats have in their ranks an untold number of DINOs (Democrats In Name Only). Our task will be to tap into this group with targeted and precise messaging.

Robert Turner is a former congressman from Breezy Point and the chairman of the Queens County Republican Party.




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