The St. Margaret’s/Resurrection Flyers celebrate record-breaking season

Photo courtesy St. Margaret's/Resurrection Flyers

During their end-of-season celebration, the St. Margaret’s/Resurrection Flyers presented special plaques to runners, including those who broke records this season.

Senior girl Karolina Niepokoj received a special plaque to commemorate her record-breaking performance in the 800-meter run this year. Also receiving special plaques were novice boys Josiah Boulet, Kevin Isca, Unai Higgins and Andrew Kelly for setting a new record in the 600-meter medley relay earlier in the season.

For winning the Diocesan Championship in the indoor 600-meter medley relay, novice boys Josiah Boulet, Kevin Isca, Unai Higgins and Andrew Kelly won a special plaque and sweatshirt. Also winning were senior boy Luc Cathersal and junior girl Ainara Higgins for the indoor long jump.

The Diocesan champs for the indoor 800-meter race were senior girl Karolina Niepokoj and her bantam brother Kacper Niepokoj and junior girl Zara McPartland. For the indoor 400-meter run, junior boy Michael Hubert won the Diocesan and was awarded with the plague and sweatshirt as well.

For the outdoor season, bantam boy Ricky Hubert, junior girl Zara Mcpartland and senior girl Karolina Niepokoj earned their plaques and sweatshirts for their performance in the 800-meter run. Winning the Diocesan for the outdoor long jump were senior boy Luc Cathersal and senior girl Ainara Higgins.

Other winners during the outdoor season were novice boy Andrew Kelly in the 400-meter run and novice girl Olaia Higgins for the 100-meter dash.

Two of the Flyers’ relay teams won the Diocesan Championship this year. First was junior/senior girls 400-meter medley relay team consisting of Nina Allen and sisters Shauna and Rebecca Hurson. The second outdoor Diocesan champion relay team runners were junior/senior boys Johnny Ostling, John Boger and Owen Kelly for the 400-meter medley race.

In addition to the plaques and sweatshirts being awarded, special coaches’ awards were presented to outstanding runners during the season.

The Super Spirit trophies were given to novice girl Aileen Mitrarotonda and bantam boy Victor Ostling. The Terrific Teammate awards went to novice girl Olaia Higgins and junior boy Owen Kelly. The Excellent Effort trophies went to junior girl Lili Cathersal and novice boy Unai Higgins. The Fantastic Flyer awards went to senior girl Ainara Higgins and senior boy Johnny Ostling.

The award for most valuable runner went to senior girl Karolina Niepokoj.

The Flyers will be back for a new season on Saturday, Sept. 12, at the track at Juniper Valley Park.


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