Fererras brings elected officials to Citi Field to root for the Mets

By Bill Parry

City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras (D-East Elmhurst), whose District 21 is home to Citi Field, hosted several of her colleagues at a Game One Watch Party at McFadden’s Tuesday night. The cavernous restaurant and saloon at Citifield was electric, jam packed with screaming Mets fans.

“I think this Mets team has personified class and teamwork — they focus on each game,” Ferreras said. As the first woman to chair the Council’s Finance Committee, Ferreras is mindful of a city Economic Development Corp. announcement Monday that each Mets playoff game at Citi Field will generate an economic impact of $11.6 million for the city . If the series goes all seven games, the total impact would be worth $46.4 million.

“As a Mets fan and the councilwoman, I want them to win this as quickly as possible and let the celebrating begin,” Ferreras said. “However, as the Finance chair, I hope it does go the distance because the city coffers could use the infusion.”

Nearby, Assemblyman Michael DenDekker was decked out in Mets gear. He was the only elected official to stay for the entire 14-inning epic.

DenDekker was born and raised a Mets fan in Jackson Heights and he has fond memories of the last time the Mets won a World Series 29 years ago.

“I was the banquet manager at Dante’s Catering right out of college,” Dan Dekker said. “We had the game blasting in the kitchen and I would run room-to-room updating the guests on what was happening. It’s great to see them back in the World Series especially for all the young people who barely remember their last time on the big stage in 2000.”

Borough President Melinda Katz attended the Ferreras Watch Party, one day after hosting the Mets pep rally at Borough Hall.

City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Glendale) is a third-generation Mets fan.

“I’m extremely excited and proud of our Mets,” Crowley said. “They’ve played like All Stars, but they don’t come with the big price tag like that team in the Bronx. They have a certain small town feel about them.”

Crowley was a third grader when the Mets won in ’86. She is a neophyte compared to City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills).

“I remember ‘86, but I also go back to the 1969 Miracle Mets,” she said. “This is great for Queens, because this team struggled all year long but got off the deck and took off when they needed to. They’re a perfect example of what happens when you work hard and you work hard together as a team. Just like Queens.”

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