Finding Optimal Audiological Care in Queens

Dr. Boms leads GB Audiology and has been a certified audiologist since 1978.

Finding optimal medical treatment can be tough when living in such a large city; however, for Queens residents seeking the best audiological care, there’s one practice in close proximity that has proved to be an unrivaled provider of such—GB Audiology, led by Dr. Gloria Boms, AuD.

Having been established in Great Neck for nearly 20 years, GB Audiology is one of only two Audigy certified practices in the Queens/Nassau County area. Said status has labeled GB Audiology as one the most elite practices in their field across the United States. “It’s kind of a feather in our cap,” Dr. Boms said modestly but with much enthusiasm.

Run solely by Dr. Boms, a certified audiologist since 1978, and with the assistance of administrative medical professional Susan Valdini, GB Audiology takes pride in their tight-knit operation, which in turn significantly fortifies their patient relations. “It’s a very person-to-person based practice—it has to be. You have to understand what the limitations or the abilities of your patients are,” Dr. Boms said. “It’s also really critical when you’re fitting hearing aids to find out about the person’s lifestyle. It’s fun and challenging.”

They offer their patients a comprehensive array of hearing assistance technology—including hearing aids which are basically invisible when worn, hearing aids that sync with one’s iPhone, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices that interlink one’s hearing aid with around-the-house media appliances such as televisions and MP3 players.

“We deal with all the major manufacturers for [sorts of devices], and that’s a little unusual. A lot of practices don’t. They’ll only deal with one or two for a lot of reasons. Number one, every hearing aid manufacturer has their own hardware and their own software and it becomes mind-boggling,” Dr. Boms said, “but it’s pivotal for us that we match the right technology to the patient.”

It’s clear from her demeanor that Dr. Boms has a sincere passion for all that she is capable of providing her patients through GB Audiology, often expressing zeal after she makes a point.

“Isn’t it fantastic?” Dr. Boms said after explaining the expeditious rate in which recent breakthroughs in Audiology have made the treatment of hearing loss more innovative, “it is fun because [the science behind it] is changing all the time so you never get bored.”

Also committed to educating the general public on audiological matters, the GB Audiology website offers plenty of insight on preventing hearing loss, how hearing can affect your mental and social health, and how headphones and earbuds can affect your hearing overall, thus issuing useful knowledge on maintaining one’s irreparable ear health to those with or without hearing impairments.

With a thorough and professional experience tailored to one’s specific lifestyle, as well as a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, GB Audiology provides patients with the most complete care possible for their hearing needs.

GB Audiology was voted The Queens Courier’s Best of the Boro in 2013 and 2014 in recognition of their outstanding services. Their offices are located at 107 Northern Boulevard, Room 309, Great Neck, NY 11021.

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