The incredible new way to provide home health care to your loved one

You wouldn’t think it possible, at least not to the average person who doesn’t have the financial clout or social standing to pony up for or warrant special treatment. But now through Renaissance, patients have the ability to hire and fire their caregiver until they find the one suitable for them and their needs.

It’s difficult enough for someone to accept a sudden state of dependency and the inability to no longer take care of themselves without having to suffer the whims of insurance companies forcing inferior or incompatible care onto them. Equally hard for loved ones watching helplessly, wanting to do more but unable to due to financial limitations.

Renaissance Home Care & Adult Day Services is changing all that with CDPAP, Consumer-directed Personal Assistance Program. CDPAP is an alternative to conventional home care services to promote more consumer independence and empowerment over personal care.

And most important, anyone eligible for Medicaid can take advantage of this groundbreaking service. Plus, the recipient need not be self-directing. They can entrust an advocate to make decisions about the services being provided. A consumer can independently or with the assistance of an advocate:

  • Recruit, interview, train, schedule, supervise and dismiss the Personal Assistant(s) or their choice.
  • Develop a direct working relationship with the Personal Assistant.
  • Make all of the decisions and manage the services

To find out more about CDPAP and all the other unique home care services Renaissance provides, go to https://www.renaissancehcs.com/

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