Best foods for your teeth at Thanksgiving

There’s no need to sacrifice your teeth or your appetite during one of the year’s biggest eating holidays. 
While brushing may be difficult when your relatives are invading the house, there are certain things you can eat, 
which can help keep your teeth healthy until the dust settles and you can brush properly. Here are a few tips:
Go Nuts—Put that nutcracker to good use and take a tip from the squirrels; nuts contain calcium and minerals that 
strengthen and re-mineralize teeth. Plus, the chewing of hard, crunchy foods produces more saliva, which fights
germs and decay.
Say “Cheese!”—Like nuts, cheese is full of strength-building calcium, as well as casein, a protein, which fortifies 
teeth, helping to prevent cavities.
Veg Out—Raw vegetables serve the same function as nuts, when chewed: producing a mouthful of protective saliva. 
Celery, in particular is good, because the fibrous strands help clean between teeth.
Open Sesame—Rinsing with sesame oil has been shown to reduce the effects of plaques and, in certain cases, 
gingivitis. So sauté your holiday veggies in sesame oil and top with sesame seeds (we all know by now about 
chewing crunchy foods). Both will help your teeth, while adding a tasty spin to your dishes.
It’s All Greek to Me—Greek yogurt and honey is a yummy treat that can satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping 
it and its brethren healthy. Yogurt, like cheese and all dairy products, contains calcium, but it also is packed 
with phosphates which, too, strengthen and re-mineralize teeth. Honey is a natural antiseptic. For added protection 
and flavor, add sliced, fresh pears, which have shown to neutralize acid on the surface of teeth.
Cheers!—To wash down your meal, good old fashioned tap water, which contains enamel-strengthening fluoride is a great 
option. A cup of green or black tea helps fight cavities, by killing bacteria. Get the benefits of both by brewing 
the tea with tap water!
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